Develop your leadership ability

The key to your development you'll find in the connection between your leader behavior (green and blue circles) and your employees' sense of well-being and development (orange circle) in your Current Status View.

How to use

  1. Let the results in your CURRENT SATUS VIEW sink in and feel close to what you are most inspired to develop. Click on the statements in the spider diagrams for guidance and concrete tips. You can as well refine a strength as strengthening a weakness, the important thing is to quickly get started and analyze what you want to develop in your leadership role.
  2. Enter ACTIVITIES and select a statement associated with the leader behavior you want to develop and click on Activate. Practice your new behavior as often as you can in your leadership role. When you feel that the behavior has become a good habit, you activate a new behavior to practice.
  3. Sign in and reflect on your Current Status View and workout shortly each week, think about what has gone well and what you can improve next week. Communicate results and feedback with your employees and use superior manager / leader as support and ballboard for best development for you and your employees.
  4. Through continuous evaluations, you get new Current Status Views and concrete feedback from your co-workers to support your continued training and development.


Good luck!