Interpret your Current Status View

Click any statement in the pie charts and get guiding experience and advice to that statement in the table to the left. Click on the text to get back to the results in the table.


The pie charts 

  • The black line shows your Current Status View
  • The dashed line shows the average of all participating leaders regardless of hierarchy
  • The white line shows the results of your previous Current Status View


The table shows dissemination of results vertically to the left and the answer options 1-10 horizontally above the table.

Click on the dates to compare results between your Current Status View and your previous one.

See the Total Current Status View by clicking on the company name in the table above the unit and the leader's name.

Employee opinions and comments

Click any comment and it is automatically translated into English, regardless of what original language it was written in. The translation is done through Google Translate and should be interpreted with some risk of error.