Inspire and develop

Both private and in working life we develops through activities that inspire us and are challenging. We get stimulated and perform as best when we "stand on tiptoe" to cope with the task. The success of managing a new challenge makes us happy and proud, our self confidence grows and we develop as humans.

Inspiration Picture


We all have different circumstances and opportunities for new challenges, therefore it is important that you as a leader work with each employee to balance new challenges based on the personal abilities of the employee.

Not having control over a challenge creates stress. Use the above picture for inspiration to find the optimal balance between Control and frustration in the challenge

Requirements for the challenge:

  • Inspiring and challenging
  • Clear feedback, support and praise

Personal ability:

  • Knowledge to meet the challenge
  • "Stand on tiptoe" but with a sense of control

Examples of challenges:

  • Clear objectives and requirements
  • Delegate new tasks with clear responsibilities and authorities
  • New or varied work tasks