Instructions for implementation

ASC (Administrator of Sweplex at Customer)

  1. ASC completes and returns the Excel file DATA_SWEPLEX.xlsx together with the start and end dates (usually 1 week) when the evaluation is kept open for employee response.
  2. CEO / Senior Leader sending out an Information email to the organization about Sweplex Web-Support. On startup day, each leader receive a Start-up email to forward to his/ her Units subordinate employees who easily fill out the evaluation. (approx. 10 minutes)
  3. Upon completion of the evaluation, each leader can LOG IN to and immediately start his/ her development and use the Web-Support in its entirety.
  4. Senior executives have access to subordinate leaders' Current Status Views to follow up training and activities. The CEO has access to all managers' results, training and activities.
  5. Through continuous follow-up with new evaluations 1-3 times a year, leaders get feedback on their development and potential for new development.